The Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park (GASP!) is an early start-up arts organisation and the project focuses on the transformation of approximately 9 hectares of public land on the shores of Elwick Bay. GASP! aims to boldly position itself as a place for contemporary site‐specific outdoor arts guided by the very best minds in arts, community and business development.

GASP! is the northern gateway to Southern Tasmania and here, art and inspiring urban infrastructure are the catalysts for human interaction, thinking, feeling, and doing.

Why an art park?

Art will be commissioned to inspire a place of imagination, discovery & reverie, bringing people together, creating dialogue, and potentially new ways of thinking.

GASP! Values:

  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity and collaboration
  • The environment
  • Playfulness and experimentation


GASP will be a place of discovery and reverie, fuelled by the imagination of artists feeding the curiosity of people. Stories will be told and memories will be made in this unexpected and ever-changing environment. Art will respond to land and sea. Art will come and go like the tides. Art will match the tempo of the day and night. Art will enhance and embrace the place of people. This gentle approach to public art will never overwhelm or interfere with the natural things already cherished by those who know and love this place, but it will create new memories and different ways of seeing and sensing. People will GASP!


Situated on the Derwent estuary system, at Elwick Bay, GASP responds to the lapping tides. The tidal waters produce an ever changing environment of mud flats and inundations. Bird and marine life come and go. The little blue boat ‘Robin’s Boat’ moored, just beyond shore, bobs on the surface. GASP is already filled with atmosphere and natural incidents.

The Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park hugs the waters edge along a linear stretch of public land from Wilkinson’s Point to Montrose Bay on the Elwick Bay foreshore, 10 minutes north of Hobart.

Approaching from the north Elwick Bay is the widest expanse of the Derwent Estuary and is the natural gateway to greater Hobart and Southern Tasmania with vistas to Mount Wellington and Mount Direction.


The Elwick Bay foreshore is also home to the Glenorchy Rowing Club, the Montrose Bay Yacht Club and the Hobart Outrigger Canoe Club.



We are working alongside grass roots, policy maker and advocacy organisations for full environmental regeneration and renewal at GASP.

We are imagining a future where there is clean swimmable water and extended wetland areas to encourage diversity and habitat for the varied bird life and ecology of the bay.

Stage 1 environmental renewal at The Grove site between Little John and Barossa Rivulets (taking in Humphrey’s) is being assisted by the the Glenorchy City Council, Derwent Estuary Program, Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania and the Understorey Network.


Stage 3 of the GASP project involves the further development of Montrose Bay as a vibrant hub of community activity. Consultation with existing stakeholders and visioning for the site has commenced with discussions about the potential of a Social Enterprise.

A Social Enterprise (SE) at Montrose Bay Foreshore Community Park would be a profitable business that facilitates and encourages a range of community development activities and skills generally building engagement at Elwick Bay. The intention is that the SE will respond to existing needs and build vibrancy and increase participation. The identities of each of the current users including the Montrose Bay High School, Glenorchy Rowing Club, Montrose Bay Yacht Club and Hobart Outrigger Canoe Club would be retained and possibly strengthened.

A Social Enterprise may include food and beverage services, workshops for art making and boat building, meeting and shared spaces for club activities.