GASP established its Aboriginal Advisory Group in early 2020 in order to develop a range of projects and collaborations on the site. The Group supports our acknowledgement that the site has been inhabited for thousands of years; and that this knowledge and our respect for the site's deep past  underpins our vision to be a site for the celebration of ongoing custodianship and the expression of contemporary Aboriginality.

Terms of Reference

The Advisory Group supports GASP with specialised knowledge and deep interest towards GASP program development specifically related to Tasmanian Aboriginal culture. The Advisory Group constitutes eminent stakeholders, community and arts leaders who bring specialist knowledge to the project.

Primary Functions

The Advisory Group acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and CEO/Artistic Director by:

  • provision of advice and guidance to develop program and its milestones;

  • contribute ideas to strategic programming for GASP with response and sensitivity to community and stakeholder consultation;

  • prioritise program objectives and outcomes as identified by the Program Coordinator and/or CEO, including community engagement processes;

  • advise on risk management strategies, ensuring that strategies to address potential threats to the program’s success have been identified, estimated and approved, and that the threats are regularly re-assessed;

  • ensure that program scope aligns with the requirements of the community and relevant stakeholder groups;

  • advise on elements of onsite infrastructure development when necessary;

  • provide guidance on program community, business and arts issues;

  • provide guidance on potential grant funding or other areas of likely support for the program;

  • identify any issues that have major implications for the program;

  • reconcile differences in opinion and approach.


Rodney Gibbins - GASP Director, AAG Chair

Kartanya Maynard - Deputy Chair

Tony Brown, Rachel Dunn, Allan Mansell, Jillian Mundy, Thomas Riley, Grace Williams-Mahon

(Image of pakana kanaplila dancers by Daniele Hanifin

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