GASP relies on external funding for our program of activities and public art commissions. If you would like to support our work you can do so in a number of ways. We're always happy to chat about how you can help us. 

As a not-for-profit charity all donations go directly to support the Vision for the site and help GASP bring to life a fantastic program of events and art for the Glenorchy and Tasmanian community, and they're tax deductible!


 We are always happy to have help. Let us know in the box below what your skills and availability are, and then we'll chat about how to make that work for you and for GASP! Join Friends of GASP to get started.


Your donation to our program fund will support artists / art workers make great art in our community. Up to 20% of that will help run the program, manage the artworks, and keep everyone safe on our site. 


GASP has a Public Art Collection Fund and projects in development that you can invest in with regular payments or as a sponsor.  Please let us know how you'd like to invest in GASP using the contact box below.


Support comes in all forms. Sometimes we just need a truck to move things, or lunch for our artists when they're working on site. We're open to ideas and new relationships so have a look at our projects and let 's chat about how we can work together. 

Now, tell us about you ...
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