You may notice there’s often a lot of rubbish along the foreshore? That’s because Elwick Bay faces the prevailing wind direction making it a ‘trap’ for rubbish swept by wind and water down the River Derwent. We’re establish some regular clean-up days with the Glenorchy Council environment team. If you’re keen to participate and become a custodian of the site contact us directly or join the Friends of GASP Facebook group for updates on activities including planting, weeding, clean up and working bee dates around the site – and of course, a friendly bbq to end the day.


The Derwent Entertainment Centre (DEC) gates open approx. 7am and close approx. 7pm daily. 

Depending on events they may be open earlier in the morning and later at night.

The middle gates just past the DEC building remain locked except for event days. 

Call the DEC for more information 03 6251 3170 (option 3) or check their webpage for more info: http://derwent.com.au/


We appreciate dogs at GASP, but ask that you respect other users and clean up after your dog and use the alternative route provided to the boardwalks along the full length of the foreshore. 


  • The confined space leaves no room to avoid dogs if they are aggressive, playful or just untethered – this can be terrifying for children.

  • Dogs’ claws can and do get stuck between boards and they can be seriously injured.

  • The length of the boardwalks mean if a dog’s gotta go, it’s gotta go – and the mess is very hard to clean up or avoid.

Please note that allowing your dog/s on the boardwalk could incur a Council fine.




GASP isn’t just about art, but it’s certainly here. Go to the Public Art page to see what’s already in place. 

The early years of GASP development concentrated on getting our amazing infrastructure in place – the boardwalks and pavilions that are now Glenorchy icons. Since then there have been many creative activities on site that don’t leave a trace (aka temporal or ephemeral art). You can find information about these on the Past Projects page.

This year we’re developing a 10 Year Plan to commission more great art for our community to enjoy. These will include works that represent our diverse community and the history of the site, as well as works that deal with movement (kinetic art), sound and light. We’ll present this plan to Glenorchy Council and make it available for community comment in the first half of 2020.


Montrose Foreshore Parkrun

These intrepid folk meet every Saturday to run the foreshore. Join in the flattest and most scenic run in Tasmania!

When: 8:45 for 9am Saturdays

Where: next to the Montrose Bay Foreshore carpark.

More info: https://www.parkrun.com.au/montroseforeshore/

Facey :https://www.facebook.com/montroseforeshoreparkrun/

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