New Super Graphic

Margaret Corrigan’s (nee Oates) beautiful black and white image (above) is now 7 metres wide and 3 metres high at the new Grove Pavilion at GASP.

A young Margaret Corrigan (nee Oates) took this photo using her mother’s camera on a hot summer day on February 2nd, 1958. The girls are sitting on the jetty at the end of The Grove Esplanade, once situated in front of the new Grove Pavilion.In August 1959 Margaret took this photo (below) of her future husband, Geoff Corrigan, with his dog Lassie. They are sitting on an area reclaimed for the Brooker Highway just near this site. In the background is the then wooded Wilkinson’s Point and just visible the drive-in movie screen at the Elwick race course (1954 – 1985).

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