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GCC ends funding to GASP

GASP Directors were extremely disappointed to learn that the Glenorchy City Council (GCC) had tabled a report to its meeting in late May that was not on its Agenda, and which the Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park (GASP) was not party to, regarding GCC’s funding of GASP.

On ABC Radio Hobart this morning, the Mayor reiterated the media release claim that GASP is a private company, which is incorrect; GASP is a public Company Limited by Guarantee with DGR (charitable) status, registered with the ACNC, so it is Incorporated and Not-for-profit.

The Council itself created GASP and worked to establish our company structure and objectives. The Aldermen were briefed in a workshop on Monday May 11 by the Chair and CEO of GASP - the governance status was stated on page 1 of the briefing paper and discussed within the workshop.

GASP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and the Glenorchy Mayor has had a mandated position as a Director on the Board since our inception, which was relinquished in mid-2018. From this date forward the Board and the CEO have been working with Council in order to re-establish that link.

GASP secured the funds it did (and from which the Council and community now benefit) for the Boardwalks, Pavilions and Public Art on the site, as a publicly incorporated body, which we understand was Council’s primary purpose for initiating GASP’s independence.

The GASP Board of Directors will meet to determine the organisation’s future in light of the funding withdrawal.

GASP Stage 1 opened by PM Julia Gillard and Premier Lara Giddings, with Senator Lisa Singh and Former GCC Mayor Adriana Taylor.

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