The GASP site has been inhabited for thousands of years.

This knowledge and our respect for the site’s deep past underpins our vision to be a site for the celebration of ongoing custodianship and the expression of contemporary Aboriginality.

GASP is at the apex of the topological amphitheatre that is Glenorchy, separated by the Brooker Highway.


Rebuilding and enriching this connection inspires our vision to create meaningful infrastructure, projects and events in collaboration with our community that celebrate our enviable cultural diversity and maintains a safe space for difference.

GASP is a riverine foreshore that we share with many creatures.

We respect the natural values of the site and commit to preserving and enhancing these attributes through the creativity of artists and the knowledge of specialists, working with the owners - our community.


GASP is a dynamic site created by and subject to the forces of wind and water.

These forces determine our vision to be a specialist site for kinetic, sound and light-based art.

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